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Helen Wood


by Helen Wood

A group of doctors came into I.C.U. where Cindy lay motionless in a coma. As I stood beside her, one of the doctors delivered the devastating news that no parent wishes to hear: “Seventy-five percent of your daughter’s brain is damaged. If your daughter comes out of the coma, she will have to be institutionalized, as she will never be able to walk, talk or feed herself.”

But this was not the final word. It was only the beginning of an incredible journey - a journey shared with you in this book to give you hope in the face of devastating circumstance. Cindy began to talk in 17 days, fed herself in 25 days and walked in 30 days.








Cindy’s dramatic and unexpected recovery was one of the most truly extraordinary events of my career. Your faith and focus was incredible – and was probably responsible for bringing Cindy back from the brink.”

A. M. James Shapiro, MD PhD DSc (Hon FRCS(Eng)) FRCSC MSM Professor of Surgery and Director, Clinical Islet Transplant Program




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